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How to Shine in Your Life

Hello everyone,

Today's blog is all about being a source of light in your life. Do you ever feel that people are a drain on your energy? The main reason is something that I like to call energy vampires are attacking you. It's so important to be careful of who you help in your life. Who you are offering guidance to and giving of your time. A lot of us do not realize that there are some people that constantly come to us asking for help and while there is nothing wrong with that, if you find by the time you have helped them, you can look back and see a. a pattern, and b. that you are worn out, then you have an energy vampire stealing your light.

When a person is positive and sharing their light energy in the world with others, this opens us up to all kinds of people. Some good, and who honestly need us, and others who will drain every last ounce of your goodness if you let them.

Today I encourage you to look at your life and see if you see yourself feeling drained after talking to your friends, co-workers and family. If you do, ask yourself why you think that is. Look at your conversations in the past with this person. See if you notice their story seems to repeat, the players may change, the the plot could be the same. If you do see some, begin to cut back on how much time and energy you give them.

Remember we are beings of sharing, we are here to help our fellow man, but not at our own expense. Call on your archangels to wrap you in a ball of protection and start looking out for those energy vampires in your life.

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