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Tips for Overcoming Negative Thoughts

We’ve all been there. Those thoughts that creep in almost in an instant and take over our emotions. It isn’t long before we find ourselves spiraling down the negative staircase. But how is it that we got there? And how come we didn’t stop it before it took us to that yuck place to begin with? I hope to help shed some light on those questions with this blog post.

Awareness of our thoughts is something that takes time and practice. Many times, if one is on auto pilot just trying to make it through the day, they are more focused on that clock striking, ‘bolt from work time’, as opposed to what has been preoccupying their mind in the background, running like an app that drains your battery without you realizing it. Only these thoughts aren’t draining your battery, they are taking you to a negative place, a place that leaves you feeling like crap when its allowed.

How did you get there? Well, it started with a situation, something occurred or you read something, and then boom, that was it. A chain reaction had been created. So how do you prevent this from happening, you may ask. The key is as mentioned before, awareness. When one is aware of the thoughts that move through the mind, they can control how they will filter that information. A simple tool to handling this is by setting your intention to do so when you first get up in the morning. You may create a small easy to remember statement “I plan to be aware of all my thoughts today”. You can put this statement on your computer, a post it, on the mirror in the bathroom. Anywhere that it will help you remember this intention through the day.

When we set our intention, and then put effort into being mindful, we can then take a step toward having more control over the thoughts that enter our mind. Another tip is that once you have learned to be mindful of those thoughts, you can then create a more positive thought to counter the negative one. This act will help you to begin to exercise replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

So next time you feel like your thoughts have derailed your good mood, try some of the tips I suggest, and see if you can get yourself to a place that leaves you feeling good instead.

Blessings and Light

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