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Creating Balance in Your Life (Parent's of school age children edition)

With school back in session for many and coming up for others, as parents we have a tendency to rush back into routines. But how many of us stop to look at if our routines are serving us or just draining us. Kids have activities they want to do, or love, and parents give everything they can to ensure their kids continue in their desired activities. But at what cost to the parent? How much time during your week do you have allotted for yourself? If you say an hour a week or maybe even two, I implore you to think again. What are you doing to maintain your own energy and level of calm? When we give and give and give, because that is what our parents did or we learned that was the way to be a good parent, what lesson are we teaching our children? I have seen many posts on facebook lately about guilt and it seems some deep-down epidemic is happening where parents are feeling guilty about all the activities their kids want to do, so they keep saying yes.

If we continue to show our kids that they need to sacrifice their life for their children, one of two things will happen, either they won’t want children of their own, or they will in turn do the same thing their parent did. But how healthy is being a martyr for anyone? There is nothing wrong with saying no. There is nothing to feel guilty about taking time out of each day for yourself. How can you give to others if you are depleted of energy?

Signs that you are empty:

1. Constantly feeling stressed or anxiety

2. School starts and you have trouble sleeping

3. Snapping at people

4. In a constant state of agitation

5. High strung

There are only a few of potential warning signs that you are overdoing it. I encourage you all to take some time to plan out your upcoming routines to see if there is a more balanced approach you can take to your life. Ask yourself “What do I want more of, and less of in my life?” Once you jot these things down on a list, begin to problem solve and see how you can take some things off your plate. Maybe work out an agreement with other parents on car rides, ask a friend etc. I am sure that once you begin to brain storm, you will find the answers hidden within you. And I am always here if you want to book an appointment and get some assistance creating more balance in your life.

Blessings and Light to you all

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