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Game of Thrones and Female Empowerment

Let’s talk Game of Thrones. So, I am the first to admit, I don’t jump on bandwagons. It’s not my way. I am fully an Aquarius to the bone and that means, I will not do what everyone else does, unless it resonates with me. These days I have learned how to lead from the heart. That means that each decision I make, comes from the heart. Now, I know there was a time when we learned that we should lead from the head cause the heart was weak. Well I beg to differ. My heart has been broken, more than I have toes and fingers. And yet even when it felt as though it would fail, I managed to rise from the ashes of the old, and stand tall as a new version of myself. A stronger version. And with each iteration, my heart broke, it failed, and then when I thought it was done, it began to beat again, this time harder, stronger. So no, F that. The heart is more durable, stronger, than the mind. The mind can crack, it can send us down wrong paths, paths that lead to lots of pain and suffering. Truly living from the heart, means living in your truth. What “feels” right.

Back to Game of Thrones. I will also admit that I fast forwarded through a good portion of some of the seasons. I am just too damn empathic to watch all that gore and violence. Which there was no shortage of. But I will say this. From the start My favorite characters were two. Danneris Stromborn and Tyrrian Lannister. Tyrrian, because he was so funny, smart-witted, quirky, and everyone hated him, well mostly. There were a few, including his brother Jaimie that remained loyal to him. But Danneris, is another story. I resonated so fully with her because ever since she was born, she faced adversity. At every turn, life threated to beat her into submission, and yet she always managed to rise to the top. What this got me thinking about, was how most of the movies, and T.V. shows I grew up with, and I know many generations before me did as well when T.V. was invented, women were always portrayed as needing to be saved. The whole “Damsel in distress” became the idea of the average woman. We had lost sense of how powerful we were way before T.V. of course. But it just seems that it’s been amplified since.

Shoot, I have only begun in the past two years to reclaim my power that was lost way back when I was a child. How could I for the greater part of my life, be so blind to the amount of power that I held? And yet, I had T.V., Media, and Society telling me I was weak. I couldn’t do what men could. What I realized, when I saw Wonder Woman, Xena, was that I resonated with these women. These Amazing Female Warriors, I was one of them, I had just forgotten. Had been bogged down with conditioning that also wanted me to toe the line of submission. Bow down to man, do what man says, let man lead me, dictate my life. Cause I was not strong enough to do it myself. Well, fuck that! I am sick and tired of being told what I cannot do. My whole life my heart has been broken, my resolve, my will, beaten down by obstacles and circumstances that had me curled up in a ball on my bed in my room, and at first, I thought that was it. But then I would wake up the next day, and find that somehow, I had not died, I had not ceased to exist, somehow, I was awake, full of vitality, ready to take on the world one more day. What I also loved, and even though this was part of Xena’s journey, was the amount of Love and compassion these characters displayed. Show me how many shows where men had half the unconditional love and compassion these women held as their strength. That is what now resonates with me. Being a woman, I don’ t need to be like a man. I need to be the strong characteristics of a woman. A force of unconditional love and unwavering strength.

What does real power look like? Being defeated, admitting it, then getting back up and dusting yourself off and saying now let’s keep going. But its deeper than that, because its also about not letting life harden you too. It’s about being able to open yourself back up after you have endured such hurts, traumas, pains. These were the traits Danneris encountered. And yes she had men around her giving her suggestions, but rarely did she take them. She stayed in her truth and followed what her heart told her, and she became a force to reckon with. In fact she found a moment when she had listened and then realized she needed to follow her truth again. And trust in herself. This is what I take away from this series. Stay strong and stand in my truth. Don’t let others try to force me to use my voice in a way that is not authentic to me. To not be ashamed of the choices I make. To listen to my amazingly accurate intuition.

I would love to hear where in your life you are standing in your Feminine power. If you are called to, please comment below.

So much love to you all.

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