I'm a Light Soul of Unconditional Love and Acceptance

Let's face it, life manages to throw us some really tough challenges. 

And many times we find ourselves feeling like a fish flopping on the sand with no tools to help us get back into the water IE. get our lives back on track where we are feeling good and confident.

Enter Me. I understand and empathize with your situations. I have been there. And walked through so many trials and tribulations.


Overcome fear, doubt, lack of self confidence, and self worth, Guilt, But I found the light in my dark pit of despair. And now I am ready to share my gifts with you as well and empower you to find your light so that you can regain trust that your life isnt just a shit show of issues. 

My space is a sacred space, and you will be held in uncondtional love and acceptance as I work to hear beyond your words and use my intuition to help you create whatever you seek in your life. 

I have been trained in many modalities, and I use them all to help you transform your life. I operate from a holistic mindset and therefore utilize many of them during my sessions with clients.


  • I'm a certified Transformational Life coach.

  • I'm a certified Spiritual coach.

  • I'm a Board Certified Hypnotherapist.

  • Diploma - Holistic Wellness Practitioner

  • BS-Mass Communications

  • Reiki Master/Teacher 


  • Over 10 years of consulting.

  • Psychic/Intuitive

  • Divine Channel

  • Energy Shifter

  • Mentored and coached for over three years.

  • Spiritual studies for over 13 years

  • Published Author for over 8 years.

  • Writer for my entire life.

  • Public Speaker

  • Influencer

  • Thought Leader

  • Podcaster

  • Natural Stone Jewelry artisan

  • Mom to three humans and three fur babies