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Feeling the pain what can I do?

My heart hurts. I woke up this morning and happened to see the flash of news “Terror strikes Vegas”. Immediately, I thought of my brother-in-law. Remembering that just last night I saw a post from him that he was heading there. As my heart opened the floodgates of pain and sorrow for all those touched by this devastation left me unable to cope. Tears flowed without permission as I felt the weight of the world which threaten to suffocate me. I am sure it was a feeling that many can relate to. And how often these days does it seem that we find ourselves in this place? Families have been tormented by hurricanes that have literally taken “everything” from them. And the rest of the world sits idly by, wishing there was something they could do. Feeling the pain of the collective, but pining for ways to attribute meaning to all the catastrophes that have swept the globe.

I have been quiet for far too long. And with good reason. Because, I know, that even all the physical work we can do to help, isn’t as much as what I can do with my consciousness. I am sure by this point many of you are shaking your heads in disagreement. And that is fine. Allow me a moment to take this understanding deeper. One of the biggest takeaways I got from the Universal Laws, the Kybalion, Abraham Hicks, and Kabbalah is this simple understanding. Well, it may not seem simple to practice. Our thoughts are EVERYTHING. And this goes into not just the thoughts we have about others and events, but also ourselves. If you have read my other posts, then you know I have talked about energy. Everything is energy, our thoughts are energy. And we have a choice, send out energy that helps, or energy that feeds the darkness. How many times today did you spend thinking negatively, be it toward the current situation, the state of this country, the people running it, yourself, people around you? We are all responsible for what is happening on this planet. We are all interconnected with each other and the planet.

We can no longer spend our days worrying, sitting in fear, pain, angst, anger, blaming others for our problems. Those are all negative thoughts and emotions, and they are the cause for what is happening in our world. You say you want to help. Be open to change, changing yourself, your thoughts, your beliefs that even though you have outgrown, you have kept them because you thought you had to. Be the change you want to see in this world. One baby step at a time. That is why I have been quiet. That is why I stay out of conversations that engage in negative consciousness. Because I chose to work on myself, I chose to change my negative thoughts into ones that are positive, that will serve my life, the people around me, this world.

How do I change my thoughts? The first thing I do is become conscious of what they were. Many of us live our lives and don’t even know what the heck goes through our head all day. We speak what we think and then contaminate those around us because we do not pay attention to these thoughts. The next thing I did after becoming aware of the thoughts was to look at them and ask why do I have these thoughts? Do they serve me and the life I want to live? Do these thoughts contribute to our world in a positive way? And then finally I find ways to see the good, the positive. Look I’m not saying we all don’t need to do our part physically to take care of this planet and the people on it, that’s what I am doing. And I am not saying to be numb to it all, absolutely not. Sit with your pain, grieve and then come up. Because it’s not the ONLY thing. First and foremost, we need to change our thoughts. How can I see positive in what happened in Vegas? By not spending time dwelling on it from a dark place filled with fear and pain. Instead recognizing what this event has done, how it is shaking many to the core and making them assess their lives, see where they need to be more conscious in their daily lives. It makes you appreciate and be thankful for the lives you have and the people around you that are safe and well.

I have been judged by many because I do not watch the news. The main reason I do not is because of all the fear mongering and negativity that is there. I see a headline, I get the understanding of what is going on and I move on. There is a difference between being knowledgeable about what is going on in the world and engaging and allowing all that negativity to be fed into my subconscious. Oh and for the record, every time we watch TV we are being hypnotized. That information is being fed into a place that will be hard to remove. I say this as a hypnotherapist who learned just how television influences us. Think about it, why would companies pay millions for commercials? It's because every time you see it, you may not want to purchase the product, but one day, after watching that commercial many times, you will end up in the store and say, hey there's product x and get it, but you will do this unconsciously not knowing that it was because you were in a trance when you watched TV and the idea of purchasing that product was in your subconscious.

This event awakened me to no longer be silent. I judge no one, and am probably one of the few people you will find that has nothing but love for each and everyone of you just because you exist and are part of the bigger whole. May these words light a fire in you, one that is positive and grows like wildfire in your life. I will not give in, not to fear, not to pain, anger or limiting beliefs that hold me back from living my truth and fulfilling my desires. I hope you will join me so we can change this world for the better.

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