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Welcome to my weight management program. This program is designed to help you reach reasonable goals to achieving not only your desired weight but provide a space where you can delve deeper to understand yourself in a way that you had not before.  We will meet for 8 sessions spread out over 16 weeks, with us meeting every two weeks.


Through my program “Achieving a Thinner You,” you can expect my support, not only as your hypnotherapist but also as a coach, who is on the sidelines cheering for whatever you deem is your goal. Becoming a thinner you, is more than just diet, or exercise, it’s about understanding what your triggers are that lead you to making unhealthy choices in your life.


My program is designed to empower you as the client, to take back control of your life in a healthier way. That means the work that will be required of you, will be about behavior modifications you will need to be willing to make in order to achieve long-term success. At the end of this program, you can expect that you will be living a healthier lifestyle. I don’t focus on a number. It’s important that by the time you finish this program, you feel good about yourself and how you are choosing to live. You should see your clothes beginning to fit better by the time we are done.


In addition to the behavior modifications, you can expect that during the course of this program you will undergo hypnosis with specific scripts that will help you get closer to achieving your goals.  We may meet for Life coaching sessions in addition to the hypnotherapy, depending on how things are going for you within the plan. In some cases, I will also provide Reiki healing as an added service depending on the addition support you may require.


The program begins with the first session in which we will look at your past and present habits. Not just your eating habits, but how you handle stress, we will look at any cravings you experience, and any emotional barriers that exist. We will also cover what your expected outcome is for this program.

I look forward to being part of this amazing journey you are beginning. Below you will find links to more information on this program.


Nadia Kim

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