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Why Success is About Action

Many people have desires. And that's an amazing thing. But what some of us forget is that we can have all the desires in the world, but if we do nothing with it, we cannot manifest the miracles we desire. The way to achieve success is to get out and do.

There are many people that have fears of success. Some of that stems actually from fears of failing. But what if the word "Failure" never existed. Would that person still be scared? I recently talked with some other people this week about the idea of failure and learning, for those spiritual beings, to lean on the support of the Universe, or the Creator, whatever you call it.

This is exactly what we all need to do to help, but there is also another step that is something that happens within us. That is seeing that there is no such thing as failure. To me if we must use that word, it occurs when you do nothing. If however you get up and take action to move toward your goal, you cannot fail. There will only be success. Why? Because success it the act of doing. It doesn't matter what the outcome is. When you get up and work to fulfill your desire that is success.

When we feel like we have failed, it's because we had expectations. When those expectations are not met, we get disappointed. It is in the act of disappointment that we find failure. But if we practiced the consciousness of saying a mantra like "Just by working toward this goal, I am successful" can help change how you view all the situations, or as I like to say, opportunities that arise during the process. These are learning experiences. They aren't failures.

So next time you are wanting to do something. No matter what that goal, try starting off by saying, "No matter the outcome, everything that happens is the best thing for me at his moment."

Peace and Love

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