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This community is all about whats going on in your life and getting support with challenges.

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This forum is for discussing desired change in profession or challenges with current job or business.

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Come in and sit a spell. Say hello, introduce yourself and tell us 2 things we should know about you. Welcome.

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We all want to connect. This community is about making soulful connections, discussing challenges in our relationships.

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This forum is for all things spiritual. Note: The challenges we traverse in life are part of our spiritual process.

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  • Nadia Kim
    Oct 16, 2017

    Hello, My name is Nadia Kim. The two things I want everyone to know about me are one that I am very empathic, and two that one of my superpowers is to love all beings unconditionally. And since I am used to writing a book when I post, I'll include a little more. I am a mother of three children and a dog. I named him Leo because I am surrounded by Leo's. I am lucky to be because Leo's are amazing. I am also a creative. My adult life has been spent exploring all kinds of creative ventures. From Photography which I started in High School, to Ceramics, to now natural stone jewelry and painting. I love expressing myself through the arts. I am so happy to meet and connect with you. Nadia